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Adams Ornamental
Tree | Shrub | Lawn Treatments

Adams Ornamental offers various services to care and feed your lawn, shrubs, and trees.

Owner- operated for over 20 years, Brad will bring a level of expertise and personal service he is known for.

Lawn Treatments

Lawn care program feeds and fertilizes your lawn and control weeds. We recommend a full year program to have the best outcome, but services can be provided as needed.

Webworm Treatment

Don’t let webworms ruin your fall garden and trees and outdoor time. We offer tried and true remedies that can help reduce the development of webworms in your trees. If you have an outbreak of webworms, we can treat active unsightly pests as well.

Tree Feeding

All plants require food and trees are no exception. Let Brad evaluate your trees and shrubs and give you a free estimate to give them a good feeding.  

Dormant Oil Treatment

Dormant oils or horticultural oils help keep trees and shrubs healthy. Dormant applications can help reduce the outbreak of webworms and other pests. Drop us a note and Brad will give you more information on these types of applications.

Adams Ornamental Services serves New Braunfels, Texas and surrounding cities.